Superfry and the Big Ragu Give Us a Review

(Photo © by Dayton Most Metro)

Dayton Most Metro’s Superfry and the Big Ragu stopped by the restaurant this past December in preparation for a proper review. They walked through the doors with one question on their minds about our sandwiches: “Why are they so good?”

Marveling over the gum-wall and the small size of our building, the gregarious duo pulled up to the counter and obviously enjoyed their experience. Not qualifying as Maid-Rite neophytes, they knew what they were in for and they admitted to being haunted by a question that they cannot seem to shake: How exactly do we make the little suckers? They even go so far as to categorize all of humanity into two basic groups based on the object of their obsession, breaking people down into “those that have never tried Maid-Rite [sandwiches], and those who have tried [them] and can’t figure out how they make them.”

Bravely, our employees would not budge when hounded by Superfry and Ragu to hand over the recipe. I think the duo may have even been a little afraid of the vehemence with which their request was met. You’ll have to read their description of the scene to decide for yourselves how they fared in the face-off.

We’re sorry if we get a little rankled when our secret recipe is threatened, guys, but we sure are glad you stopped by and had a great experience. We especially agree with your final assessment about what makes The Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe so special.

It is the curiously sweet tasting, delicious loose meat sandwiches. The workers feverishly tossing the ground meat, stuffing buns, wrapping it quickly, and tossing across the counter. It is the personality of the place. If you have never visited this spot, make sure you put it on your ‘Food Adventure hit list.’ Maid Rite is one-of-a kind.