The Maid-Rite Makes Ohio Traveler’s Top-10 Peculiar Eateries List

It’s always an honor to be listed by people and organizations who have a passion for food and travel. Being listed by OhioTraveler.com10858564873_88d6c9ee1f_o is no exception. The editors of the popular site selected five of their favorites, and then let their readership choose the other five. The Maid-Rite topped the list as an editors selection. Bully to them!

Here’s a little of what they had to say about The Maid-Rite

One of the most unique eateries around, the Maid Rite lures hungry visitors from hundreds of miles away just to taste the legendary sandwich made just right in a modest shoppe located in the little rural Southwest Ohio towne of Greenville.

If any one place can reflect the city’s heart and soul, it is this miniscule eatery with a big attraction.

Thanks for the recognition, We think you’re pretty cool too!